A few examples of my work starting in the early 1980’s taken while working at my father’s portrait studio. These represent some of the very first images I shot with studio lights in a controlled environment. These ‘midnight sessions’ took place in the old creepy original Massey Business College building on Ivy street in downtown Atlanta, Ga. where the studio, lab and offices were at the time. Edie and Catherine were good friends of mine with great creative minds who enjoyed helping a struggling artist and I immensely appreciate their willingness and creative input to help make these early images.

This will be an ongoing page of images from the past as I get around to scanning them from negatives and chromes to their never before seen digital beauty. The images below were shot on 220 (medium format) Kodak Vericolor II type S film and machine processed in standard C-41 Kodak color negative chemistry. Image scans were from an Epson V500 flatbed Photo scanner. Final processing of digital files were rendered using a combination of  Portrait Professional and Photoshop CS4 software on an iMac.

Edie 1981. ©Chuntimages/Chris Hunt Photography

 Ediesurf_pp copy

Catherine 1981 ©Chuntimages/Chris Hunt Photography

img289_pp copy img298 copy


3 Responses to “Archive”

  1. Edie said

    It is good to have our youth documented….so we can remember!

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