Participatory Journalism

March 22, 2012

It took all day Monday to shoot the footage finally used for a 3.21 minute mountain bike test video this week. That is, it took all day to go 12 miles while trying to get every possible angle of the trail (and me) I could think of on my bike. I don’t even want to think about what that equates to in MPH! Let’s see, handlebar mount forward, handlebar backward, helmet, seat post facing backward, chest mount and trailside POV. Aside from my soon to arrive down tube clamp mount I think that might cover most of the angles I could use a POV camera on. The trailside views were done using my Canon G12 on a Joby Gorillapod with a very useful quick release and bubble level although the Canon actually has a nice electronic leveler on it. The goal was to have something other than the usual run of the mill one angle (usually forward) that plagues most trail videos and makes them difficult to watch, for me anyway. The sequence of crossing the rock and creek near the beginning was a combo of chest mount and trailside views spliced together to make the few seconds of video. The sequencing was fun to see just where certain cuts in the view should come to make an interesting clip. The whole two days of shooting and editing resulted in some good lessons and a few tweaks I’m be sure to remember. One of them was remember to shoot stills as well on top of all the other angles for final editing. Stills make for good small detail shots and day start/end title backgrounds for multi day projects. Also remembering to shoot some macro shots of stuff might be good footage as well. Swirling pollen in a creek eddy, insects on a tent fly, bubbling food, shadows, etc. What a cool medium this is and how fun to be experimenting with something new, doing something I love!


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