Image is Everything

December 18, 2011

Over the winter, a goal will be to put together a better travel photography rig for bikepacking adventures and general bumming around with camera gear COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED. Currently a run of the mill point and shoot (Canon A610) has been my choice for lack of having much else, but it has its limits on image clarity and quality, plus it’s showing some signs of wear for a few years of adventures and abuse. Ideally a lightweight new mirrorless body, carbon fiber panning head tripod and an HD POV (point of view) camera will give me the necessary quiver to bring back enough raw imagery to make something worth viewing. If the final self narrative product comes out looking more like a Les Stroud Adventureman episode and less like The Blair Witch Project I’ll be a happy man. Now, fit all this into a 5″x 12″ padded case I won’t be cursing on the long climbs is something else. Anyone interested in reading and seeing more about this incredibly versatile rig I use, go here for a more than detailed rundown, list and test flight. Also, if anyone’s wondering what Santa should leave under the tree this year. AA lithium batteries please and lots of them.  Here’s a bikepacking documentary done solely with a Canon G12 still/video card based Hi Def camera that inspires me!  Make sure you click the 720 DPI key at the bottom of the screen for full res on the video.


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