Ode to Another Man’s Stuff

August 19, 2010

The task of divesting a deceased man’s items is a tough one. No matter how well one knows a man (in this case my father) one never quite knows what the planned goal or project was with many items. Why they kept this or that, dried up paint buckets, numerous important unidentifiable steel brackets and long ago obsolete, but not quite antique, technology. There’s a certain palpable guilt in throwing away another man’s dreams or half finished and never started projects. I call these the “-ould have’s”, Projects I should have started, could have done and would have completed. These are somewhat related to the “might haves”, items that might have come in handy or might have been valuable someday. During the course of the sorting though another mans “haves”, one will come across an item that makes perfect sense and the point will hit exactly why and what for the items were intended. Storm door hardware that needed it’s handle replaced and still does, or an electrical plug that was purchased for the air compressor you inherited years ago. These follow through moments are the true gems of the experience and the joy of finding a nugget of completion. I got that one for you dad. You won’t need to fix that now.

David Turner Hunt III
October 5, 1930 – April 21, 2010


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