Sometimes good is TOO good!

May 24, 2010

An image of an item from a recent garage sale of motorcycle accessories representing a brief re-introduction to the sport in 08.  I posted this (and many more) on Craigslist, my Facebook wall and a couple of local motorcycle enthusiast forums with classifieds sections. I spent the better part of a day shooting them in a makeshift home garage studio on a homemade seamless table and using my Speedlights, not to mention knocking out the shadows on the backgrounds in Photoshop.  I borrowed from my days as a product photographer (with almost 300 boxes of children’s breakfast cereal shot by the time I lost count) and studio shooter for the newspaper to make the MUCH better than average classified images of the equipment for sale. I now believe that I could have gone a bit too far and actually LOST some visual credibility by making them images look a little too “catalogy”.  I really just should have put them on the floor and shot them loose as heck, or better yet shot them with a smeared lens on a cell phone to make them look like the rest of the photos on CL. I seriously think the potential customers assumed I was a dealer, or a merchant, having a going out of business sale. Oh well.


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