New photo repair and restoration page

March 4, 2010

With the advent of scanners, high quality monitors, computers and Photoshop this task just got a WHOLE lot easier. Gone are the days of , copy and re-copying photos, noxious atomized paint fumes filling the air and neighbors complaining about the air compressor noise. It still requires a deft touch, great eye, specialized equipment and technique and TIME but now it’s a lot more pleasant to do.  This service and talent has been in the family business’s since the 1930’s. Pretty much, ever since folks have been making and buying photos, they seem to be destroying and mutilating them.


2 Responses to “New photo repair and restoration page”

  1. alicia said

    looks good. are you going to tell us how any idiot (like me) could fix an old photo?

  2. Chris Hunt said

    Thanks. It’s all in the wrist. It actually takes quite a bit of old school technology (note the ear is a reverse borrow from the other side) and new tech guru’nish.

    A lot of the simple fixes are possible with scanner bundled technology, but something like this is actually time consuming. Cracks and reconstruction are where the experts come in.

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